Garden Landscaping

Imagine a cool spring breeze filled with the smell of flowers in bloom. All is quiet except for the relaxing sounds of chirping birds. With a drink in your hand, you sit down in your favorite chair, positioned perfectly so you can see the bright, colorful plants in your garden. You take a deep breath, and as you exhale, all the stress of the day leaves.

How about the best pasta night ever? Instead of buying dried, frozen, or stale ingredients at the grocery store, you’ve got the freshest herbs and vegetables right in your own backyard. Fragrant basil and rosemary, along with perfectly ripened tomatoes, create the best sauces. The difference in the taste and smell of your cooking is unmistakable and everyone keeps complimenting you and commenting on how flavorful the food is.

Most people dream of a beautifully landscaped garden, but they don’t have the time or the knowledge to start one. It takes patience, commitment, and lots of hard work. Pruning, mowing, clipping, weed pulling, planting, fertilizing, are time-consuming, and they don’t easily fit into your busy schedule. So most people do without. But there is a way to both keep your free time and have the garden of your dreams!

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Garden Landscape Design

We would appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you, get to know you better, and build the backyard of your dreams. Garden landscaping is very personal, and we understand that you have unique tastes and a unique budget. Tell us your ideas for your garden and our designers will get to work creating an affordable package just for you. No cookie-cutter maintenance packages, like other contractors, to limit your imagination. We keep all of our services at rock bottom prices so that we can better serve you. No job is too big or too small. Already have a garden and you just need a bit of help getting it started? We’re happy to help with pro tips. Need a fully designed garden with flagstone pavers, drip irrigation, and a rose garden? No problem! Or maybe you need something in-between like a simple mowing, edging, and hedge trimming service? We can do that too! A consultation with us is completely free so you have nothing to lose. Your dream garden is just a phone call away!

Rio Rancho NM Gardener Service

We are proud to provide New Mexico’s wonderful community of Rio Rancho with premium gardening and landscaping services. We are local so we know the soil and how much water is needed for our local plant life.





Albuquerque NM Gardener Service

We are excited to provide the Duke City with amazing garden and landscaping services. We save Albuquerque NM families money while providing quality outdoor living.

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Garden Design

Your eye for design is just as unique as you are, so why does your yard have to look like everyone else’s? If you’re ready to design your dream garden, let us work with you to make it happen. During your initial consultation, we’ll get to know you and your family’s specific needs.

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Yard Maintenance

Even in our climate, grass can offer that luscious, comfortable feeling in your yard. There’s truly no other smell like freshly mowed lawn, especially just after the rain. We’ll mow, trim, and edge your lawn to keep it looking healthy, fresh, and soft.

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Trimming & Cleanup

Trees, bushes, and hedges need trimming. Flowers and plants need pruning. We’ll do the hard work for you. There’s no commitment. We can work out a schedule to trim as often as you’d like. Just need a trim at the seasonal changes? We’ve got it!

Landscaping Your Yard

Isn’t it true that landscaping should be done exactly as you like it, not how the contractor thinks it should be? We want to hear your good ideas for your outdoor space. We’ll get to know you and your family’s unique needs during your initial consultation and design an outdoor space that suits your budget, lifestyle, and design ideas to ensure your yard represents who you are.

Home Gardening Ideas

We’ll work with you to come up with a package that works just for you. We know that everyone’s lawns are as unique as they are.

Quality Yard Maintenance & Services

Landscape Design HQ provides a variety of services to assist you in making your lawn and garden ideas a reality. Do you have a particular look in mind or are you looking for new plants? We’ll build your yard to your specifications after our initial consultation. If your yard is in need of a makeover, we can plant new flowers, build brand new flower beds, or even completely re-landscape it. Is your old irrigation system no longer up to the task? We can add both drip and sprinkler systems to automatically water your plants, so you don’t have to waste time getting the hose out. Even though we are in the desert, plants still grow, which means they will need to be pruned and trimmed at some point. We’ve got you covered, and we’ll even haul the branches away so you don’t have to. A beautiful yard is just a phone call away

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Half the price of anyone we’ve used before!”

We use Landscape Design HQ every spring and fall to trim hedges, trees, and clean up the yard. They do a great job at half the price of anyone we’ve used before! 

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“Was able to come out and give me a quote the same day”

“My roses never looked so healthy”

Every month they come out to help maintain my garden. My roses never looked so healthy

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Are you ready to say yes to your dream lawn and garden? Please contact us at Landscape Design HQ right away! There is no cost for the initial consultation, and there is no obligation. We’ll work with you to determine your lawn and garden needs, as well as how we can assist you in making your yard dreams a reality.