Albuquerque Gardening Service

When was the last time you looked at your yard? Not just in passing as you drive up from a hard day’s work, but actually got in there and really looked and experienced it. Go ahead and do it now. We’ll wait. 

Well? Is it everything you ever dreamed of? Or could the bushes use a trimming? Weeds need pulling? Is it dull and colorless? Tree branches growing all willy nilly? Does it flow in a way that works for you and your loved ones? Maybe it does some of those things, but not all? 

We get it. It happens to all of us. You spend so much of your time working, more time with your family and friends, there’s hardly any time left over for those types of chores that are time and labor intensive, like taking care of your lawn and garden. It stays neglected until those HOA letters start rolling in, and you have to spend your one day off outside taking care of it instead of relaxing.

That’s why we’re here. We have time to take care of your lawn and garden for you—because it’s literally our jobs. We can do it all.

Kids and dogs keep moving all the rocks around in your xeriscaped yard? Want your very own labyrinth or brick road to skip down? We can make that happen! We can refresh your xeriscaped yard, and lay flagstone paths. We can design and landscape the yard to your specifications. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

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For All of Your Gardening Needs

Your dream garden is just a phone call away.

We install both drip and sprinkler irrigation systems so you never have to worry about watering them again. We’ll set the timer and you can forget it about it while you relax and binge watch your latest obsession. 

Ever wanted to grow your own food, but worried about the time commitment? We can handle that, too! We can maintain your herb and vegetable garden for you. All you’ll have to do is pick your tomatoes, chiles, or kale (we hear some people actually like eating it), when you’re ready. Want to grow it and maintain it, but aren’t sure how to start? We offer expert coaching services that can guide you through the process and are there to help when you need it. 


Affordable Landscaping

Worried about cost? We understand. That’s why we’ll work with you to come up with a package that works just for you. We don’t do cookie-cutter, one-size fits all gardening. We know that everyone’s lawns are as unique as they are. Just want trees and bushes trimmed? We’ll just charge for that. Just want the leaves and pine needles removed? Great! We can do that, too. Need an entire redesign of your front and back yards, complete with stone path, rose garden, and moat? (Maybe not an actual moat; we are in the desert after all.) No job is too big or too small. We’re here to help you have your dream lawn and garden without you ever lifting a finger. (Well, except the finger you have to lift to call us for a quote. I guess you could use voice dialing though, if you really didn’t even want to move a single finger.)

Call us today for a consultation and let’s get working together on your dream lawn and garden!


Rio Rancho Gardener Service

We are proud to provide the wonderful community of Rio Rancho with premium garden landscape services.





Albuquerque Gardener Service

We are excited to provide the Duke City with amazing garden landscape services.

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Garden Design

Why does your yard have to look like everyone else’s? Your eye for design is as creative as you are, so why should it have to look like everyone else’s? If you’re ready to build your ideal yard, we’d love to collaborate with you. We’ll get to know you and your family’s unique needs during your initial consultation.

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Yard Maintenance

Even in our environment, grass will provide a lush, inviting atmosphere in your yard. There’s nothing like the scent of freshly mowed grass, particularly right after it’s been raining. Your grass will be mowed, trimmed, and edged by us to keep it looking good, new, and soft.

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Trimming & Cleanup

Trimming trees, bushes, and hedges is essential. We’ll take care of the grunt work for you. There is no obligation. We will set up a schedule for you to trim as much as you want. Do you simply need a trim as the seasons change? We’ve figured it out!

Home Garden Design

Isn’t it true that your yard should be constructed according to your preferences, not the contractor’s? If you’re ready to start designing your dream yard, we’d love to work with you. During your initial consultation, we’ll get to know you and your family’s specific needs and design a yard that suits your budget, lifestyle, and design ideas to ensure your yard reflects who you are.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Once you have your dream garden you will need ongoing support to maintain it, we can help!

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Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services

Landscape Design HQ offers a number of services to help you design the perfect lawn and garden. Do you want to achieve a specific look or are you looking for new plants? Following our initial consultation, we’ll build your yard according to your specifications. We can plant new flowers, create brand new flower beds, or totally re-landscape your yard if it’s in need of a makeover. Is your current irrigation system no longer adequate? So you don’t have to spend time pulling the hose out, we will install both drip and sprinkler systems. Plants continue to grow in the desert, which means they will need to be pruned and trimmed at some stage. We’ll even haul the branches away when we are done.

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Our Happy Clients

Five star rating

“Half the price of anyone we’ve used before!”

We use Landscape Design HQ every spring and fall to trim hedges, trees, and clean up the yard. They do a great job at half the price of anyone we’ve used before!

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“Was able to come out and give me a quote the same day”

“My roses never looked so healthy”

Every month they come out to help maintain my garden. My roses never looked so healthy

Let’s Build Your Dream Garden Together

Are you ready to say yes to your dream lawn and garden? Please contact us at Landscape Design HQ right away! There is no cost for the initial consultation, and there is no obligation. We’ll work with you to determine your lawn and garden needs, as well as how we can assist you in making your yard dreams a reality.